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Green Tomatoes

Yes, it’s an Indiana thing. 
And in my salsa garden, the time is now.

This is a recent entry in my illustrated garden journal. 

And here’s tonight’s dinner:

 Green Tomatoes paintings are available at my shop here
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Garden Painting

Want to learn how to paint right from the garden? Watch here as a garden grows on watercolor paper right before your eyes! 

We have some classes and workshops coming up soon.  Stay tuned right here for our class schedule.

Where it All Started

I have always believed that people love to see behind the scenes in the artist studio. It’s like looking behind the curtain and seeing what goes on backstage, to see how the art is crafted, what tools and materials are used, and how the artist thinks.

       To this end, I am thrilled to unveil a new video that tells my story of the origins of Parts of Art. 

A big shout out to the producer and videographer  @Moguefilms.

                   Here are some of the pieces seen on the video.   
                                          Want to see more? visit my shop here

How important is your booth?

Let’s consider for a moment the importance of your display booth at an art fair. 

    When applying for a juried art festival, the criteria for acceptance comes down to four images of your work and one of your booth. That is the sum total of what the judges use to base their decisions. The artwork, of course,  is the most important element. The jury images need to show a professional, consistent body of work. But where is the artwork displayed? The booth in which the artwork is displayed is equally important.

     Your booth, quite simply, needs to be a mini gallery that showcases your work. It needs to be attractive, uncluttered, and of course, weatherproof.
     Say you are a judge for an art show, tasked with deciding between two equally great painters. One has a booth that is a reflection of his work. It is streamlined, welcoming, and uncluttered. The paintings are tastefully displayed in arrangements by size and/or style. The booth is well lit, and the space allows for custome…

Getting There

Getting into shows is one thing, getting to shows is quite another.
So how do you get to shows?

      It does take some kind of large cargo space on wheels to accommodate everything needed for an outdoor art show. The artist, after all, is responsible to bring their tent, inventory, props, tables, shelves, displays, lighting and anything else needed to make the booth into a veritable outdoor gallery. In my years of doing shows I have seen people pull up in vans, pick ups, mini vans, step vans, buses, mobile homes, and UHauls of all sizes.

       I have also used many of the above mentioned transports to get there. The best transport of all, however, I have used for the past 10 years, ever since my father passed away and left me his sporty  bright yellow Chevy Cobalt.

When I first inherited this little gem of a car, I was still using my husbands old jeep to get there. Obviously, one look at the Chevy would tell you there was no way all the goods would fit in it. Then one day I was in the d…

Studio Tour

Drumroll please!!

Now for the first time ever, 
you are invited to our premiere

Walker Art Dept
Art studio Tour

You will see both sides of our studio,
 and get a sneak peek at what really
 goes on in there!

Come on in and see our studio,
then enjoy our shop