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The Very Idea!

One day at an art show a man came rushing up to my booth. He had heard that I make jewelry pieces from the dried paint from artists palettes, and he just had to see it for himself.
    "Oh my God, this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!" He exclaimed, picking up one of the necklaces and inspecting it.  “Please tell me you have a patent on this?!”

       Well no, I didn't have a patent on it, I explained. He gave me an incredulous look and said " Well that is the first thing you should do! I would hate for someone to steal your idea!”

That’s when the dreaded internal dialogue began. You know the ones, those pesky inner voices that say  “What were you thinking, putting your idea out there for someone to steal? Are you that dumb? How can you be so naive? You better quit now before someone steals it from you.”

      The next morning I was on the phone with a very helpful patent attorney, who helped me realize the truth of the matter. Turns out I can't really…
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Wearable Words and Pictures Workshop

What: In this fun and inspiring workshop we will use a variety of collage materials to create a one of a kind art jewelry piece. Materials include printed words and phrases, acrylic paint films, bits of canvas, strips of leather, various handmade papers, and beads made from paper. I will demonstrate ways to combine words and pictures to tell a story both personal and wearable, then put it all together with various beads and findings.
No previous jewelry making experience is required
All materials are supplied
Snacks, coffee and drinks are available 
Where: The workshop will take place in my inspiring and peaceful country art studio
When: Saturday, Feb 24, from 10 - 12AM
To register for Wearable Words and Pictures go here

What Do You Expect?

Years ago when I was new to the art show circuit,  there was a local arts and crafts show in which I participated.  All set up and waiting for the inevitable crowds of customers to come,  I started conversing with my neighboring artist.

    “You really should do this one show I just did last month,” she said,  “Your work is great and you would probably sell out!”

       Now that I’m a seasoned vet of art shows, there are certain phrases that make me run as fast as I can in the opposite direction.  “You will probably sell out” is one of them. I mean, how do they know that I would probably sell out, and why would I even want to sell out?  That day, however,  the words of that well-meaning woman caught my interest.

       "You have to set up the night before, because people will come out early to shop." she said. "There is not much for people to do in this area, so people really look forward to the show.  I’m not kidding you, women come out to shop, with wheelbarrow…

Innovation Culture

Why is it that our children have turned out so innovative? 

   Recently our son Daniel was awarded with the Innovation award at his workplace where he serves as Technology Director. It was a recognition for being creative, but specifically for creativity in problem solving. The presenter noted that Daniel is not only great at coming up with ideas, but also at knowing which ideas are worthwhile, and then questioning what the best solutions should be. He also noted that this past year Daniel designed the foundation for a project that in turn has brought the greatest increase in revenue in the history of the company. Kudos, Daniel!

      So it makes me wonder, where did this innovative mind set originate? Not that my husband and I are taking all the credit!! But still....

    Could it have to do with his upbringing, being raised by two self employed artists who had to think outside the box simply to pursue our chosen artistic careers? We have often thought our three adult children are…

The Parts of Parts of Art workshop

In this lively workshop we will focus on designing and producing the components of mixed media art jewelry. By the end of the day, guests will be able to take home several pieces of wearable art of their own design. 

Components include but are not limited to handmade textured paper, acrylic paint skins, canvas remnants, polymer clay beads, paper beads, and various painted and textured surfaces. All materials will be provided to guests. Yummy snacks, drinks and lunch are also provided.

Parts of Parts of Art workshop will take place on Saturday, March 3

What’s in a name?

“We need to come up with something catchy, so people will remember your name.”

       I was set up at an art show, if you really want to call it that. It was hot, dry and dusty and there were no customers. It was more like a desert than an art show. So, as often happens, my neighbor and I began to talk. She was selling collapsible hats, and had travelled over the country doing so. Over the course of the long two day affair, she surprised me by becoming the self appointed advisor for my brand.

     At the time my brand was Paint Chip Jewelry. It was an apt description of my work. I peel the acrylic paint from an artist palette and upcycle it into jewelry. But that day as the hat lady perused my booth and offered her unsolicited but appreciated advice, I realized that which I had not seen. 

"Your name makes your jewelry sound cheap, like some leftover throwaway paint. We need to find a name that gives it perceived value. Preferably something that rhymes. What rhymes with paint? A…

Autumnal palette (literally)

Know what inspires me in this autumnal season? Copper! 

Here’s a recipe from Bustanoby’s Color Manual, copyright 1939 (no, its not edible):

Copper: Neutral tint of red-orange, typical of this ductile, metallic element. Copper is used in the arts, in electrical manufacture and in alloys.  Color matched from actual copper articles: 
16 parts Zinc White
8 parts Yellow Ochre
1 part Venetian Red

        So there you have it; the recipe for copper paint. And if you’re like me, and feel compelled to pull that dried copper paint off its palette, you might procure pieces such as these. 

       This might be just an ordinary old paint pan with layers of dried creamy caramel and burnt sienna paint to some. To me it is a mouth watering concoction of harmonious blends that make me wanna exile to the studio, fire up the wood stove and make jewelry. 

And yes, this is where it starts....

       When I’m not really feeling the creative juices flowing, when I am in a gray space, desiring some inner spark to ign…