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Harmonious blends and other artistic musings

Harmony is a combination of units which are similar in one or more respects. It is a medium interval or difference in one or more dimensions. Units are harmonious when one or more of their elements or qualities, such as shape, size, or color, are alike.
In this sketch, done by my husband in preparation for a painting commission of a Chilean vineyard, I am struck by the harmonious blend of the directional lines that lead my eye through the painting. Design in art is not random, it is planned by the use of the elements of design, such as line tone, color and form. In this drawing, the lines of the vineyard rows lead the eye of the viewer toward the distance and then back toward the front. Harmony is achieved by the variegated, yet similar, lines that form the rows of planted vines.
In 2011 I am going to explore all aspects of visual harmony. Whether is it fashion, jewelry design, art, food and wine combinations or just different aspects of harmonious living, I am going t…