Monday, April 3, 2017

The Parts of Parts of Art

     If you were to come to one of my shows, you may hear me refer to the jewelry pieces as collages of "all kinds of stuff from my studio.”

And that is an accurate statement. After all, they are called Parts of Art, and they originated from the stuff in my studio. 

Here is one of my favorite Parts parts, and the story behind it.

      I occasionally make cards and frameable art pieces that involve hand stamped verbiage. The process is wonderful and fun, because the letter stamps have a uniqueness to them that adds to the one of a kind nature of my work. When I am stamping, I keep a piece of paper on hand to practice the stamp before applying it to the art. This paper becomes a story in itself, full of letters that spell nothing but look pleasing and random.
    Because our art studio is out in the country, and because we had not yet plugged all the holes left from the years before we moved back here, sometimes unwanted visitors would venture in at night. One night, one such visitor came in, dipped his paw in my watercolor water container, then walked across my work table, leaving his signature paw print on my practice page. (He left his mark in a few other ways that are unspeakable.)

      So now this page is part of the story of my studio life. It is, like everything else I use, one of a kind. It does find its way into my jewelry pieces. I have made copies of the page, painted it, glazed it, embellished it, and even added resin to it. 

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