Thursday, October 13, 2011

Show schedule and other juicy tidbits

For those of you that want to be traveling artist gypsies like me, here is my show schedule for Fall and Winter 2011:

October 15 & 16 Cocoa Village Craft Fair, Cocoa
October 22 Winter Garden Farmers Market, Orlando
October 23 Lake Eola Farmers Market, Orlando
October 29 Riverside Arts Market, Jacksonville
October 30 Lake Eola Farmers Market, Orlando
November 5 $ 6 Halifax Art Festival, Daytona
November 12 Great Day in the Country, Oveido
November 19 & 20 Eau Gallie Art Festival, Melbourne
November 26 & 27 100 Artists Show, St. Petersberg
December 10 & 11 Anna Maria Island Winterfest

When you go to any one of these markets, look for my colorful and funky booth. Believe me, it is one of a kind, just like the jewelry! And it is positively full of new stuff!!

If you simply cannot make it to any of my shows, but still MUST have a Parts of Art jewelry piece, there's still a way!!
Go to and you will see right there on the screen before you all kinds of tantalizing choices.

Once you make your selection and go to pay for it, type in ARTPARTS111 where it says "enter store coupon code" and you will receive a 20% discount. Happy shopping!

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She came into my booth at one of my art markets, and she and I both knew she was going to acquire a Parts of Art jewelry piece.
When a woman enters my booth, she is not barraged with my complete inventory. I don't want it to look like a flea market. I have four display boards that have a selection of pieces in seasonal color combinations. I also have a few pieces on mannequins, so my clients can get an idea how the piece harmonizes with clothing. What I do is offer a short explanation of the jewelry- what its humble origins are, and how each piece is one of a kind. If she continues to show interest, I will ask her questions. "What colors do you like to wear? Do you like the dangle style earrings or something more conservative?" Once we engage in conversation, I can quickly find something in my inventory that I think she might like. Sometimes it is an immediate connection, and other times it becomes a treasure hunt.
This woman and her dear husband were sure they wanted something to celebrate the imminent birth of their first child. She was interested in black and white. Understated elegance and totally one of a kind.
So many times when I am in the jewelry making process I get done with my work day, and when I look at what I have made I think "Wow! Who would wear such a thing! What was I thinking!" But then I go to my market, put it out there, and someone eventually comes in that perfectly fits the piece. For me that is like a big gratifying paycheck; it's like I made it for her before I met her!
Such was the case with this client, who found a necklace, earrings and bracelet that perfectly went with her look.
Once again, a harmonious blend!