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Do it Yourself!

I have these fun little kits I sell at my art shows. They  each contain everything you need to make one pair of earrings. Actually there is more than enough parts and pieces, because I like to give you lots of options.
     The kits come with a link to a video where you can see how to make them.

  Whenever I sell one of these kits, I tell my customer that if they will send me a picture of the finished earrings, I will post them on my blog and they'll be FAMOUS  (to all 10 people that read my blog!)
Finally, someone took me up on it. Drum roll please.......  Here's what she sent: 

      So a big thank you to Ginlee from Etsy who is now a famous jewelry maker!       The kits are packed with beads, canvas, paper, acrylic paint films, fabric, leather, and findings. I pack them myself, so each kit is actually one of a kind. I’m just giving you the stuff; it’s up to you what you do with it. Here’s some available to order: