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Chaos vs. Order in the Artistic Process

In my art I use a lot of stuff, and by stuff I mean paper, beads, canvas, leather, wood, clay, and of course the requisite dried slices of acrylic paint. I have a wonderful work area devoted to  jewelry making, and as soon as I sit down at my work table I can dive right in to the work of making new pieces. In the artistic process there tends to be much shuffling of stuff. It is easy to  get so involved in this process that the work area becomes a chaotic mess of stuff. 

    There comes a time in my work process that I simply need to 
stop, put everything back in order, and start up again. Curiously, I  find that this brief time of setting things back in order is also the time when I get my best ideas and inspiration. It’s like getting a breath of fresh air. Once that occurs, I am eager to dive in and start the work all over again.

     I know artists who seem to thrive amidst the chaos of their work. For them it’s "the messier the better." I know other folks who won't ev…