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Harmony in design

1. Agreement in feeling or opinion; accord: live in harmony. 2. A pleasing combination of elements in a whole: color harmony; the order and harmony of the universe. The Free

So I am looking for harmony-in thought, in art, in music, in my relationships, in life.  The thing about harmony is that even if all the elements are different and seem to be unrelated, it only takes one similarity to harmonize them all. 

This photo is of the booth I set up when I participate in fine art shows. My goal is to have a very streamlined and uncluttered look, one that simply says one thing: art to wear. The colors and lines are a pleasing combination of elements. 
If you take a look at my former booth from my blog archives, I think you will see that there is more harmony now. What do you think? 

Visual harmony

One way visual harmony is achieved is by use of color. Colors harmonize when they are similar to one another, either in their tone, tint,  or hue. Even contrasting colors harmonize with each other when they are balanced by size, shape, direction, line or texture.

My lovely client came into my booth wearing a fuschia scarf with a geometric pattern. We found earrings to harmonize her look. The earrings are similar in color and line.  How do you think we did?
What would you do differently? To see more jewelry pieces that harmonize, go to

Make your own earrings!

Would you like to make a totally one of a kind pair of earrings from all kinds of stuff from the art studio? But don't happen to have an art studio at your fingertips? This little kit might just be the perfect solution!

The kits come in all different color combinations and are each one of a kind. They are packed with bits of handmade paper, canvas, leather, dried paint chips, beads and all the findings you need to complete the pair.

Imagine how much fun!

The kits also come with a link to a video, where we show you the very simple how-to.
Find the kits here: