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Getting there

Getting into shows is one thing, getting to shows is quite another.
So how do you get to shows?

      It does take some kind of large cargo space on wheels to accommodate everything needed for an outdoor art show. The artist, after all, is responsible to bring their tent, inventory, props, tables, shelves, displays, lighting and anything else needed to make the booth into a veritable outdoor gallery. In my years of doing shows I have seen people pull up in vans, pick ups, mini vans, step vans, buses, mobile homes, and UHauls of all sizes.

       I have also used many of the above mentioned transports to get there. The best transport of all, however, I have used for the past 7 years, ever since my father passed away and left me his sporty  bright yellow Chevy Cobalt.

When I first inherited this little gem of a car, I was still using my husbands old jeep to get there. Obviously, one look at the Chevy would tell you there was no way all the goods would fit in it. Then one day I was in the dr…

Where it all started

I’m Sandy, and here’s a little bit about me and my jewelry, Parts of Art. 
    I’ve always been a lover of paint. I vividly remember the excitement I felt opening that  rectangular tin filled with round cakes of watercolor paint in elementary school. From that point on, I have wanted to explore and express within the inviting purity of paint. 

     In 1988 I had a beach side shop where I hand painted women's clothing. I was using acrylic paint in abundance! One morning I had cleaned my palette off, and had peeled a large colorful piece of variegated and textured acrylic paint from it.  Some friends of mine came into the shop (actually it was my minister and his wife). During our brief conversation, I showed them the peeled up paint and said, “This is too pretty to throw away, but I don’t know what to do with it.” 
The husband said, “Oh, you should cut it up and make it into jewelry!” 
We all laughed about it. It was like "Yeah right, I should try it!” 
      After they left…

You never know who you’ll meet

It was 2001 and I was participating in a juried art show in DelRay Beach, Florida. I had stepped away from my booth for a few minutes, and when I came back was surprised to see a woman in my booth. With her face about five inches from the displayed jewelry pieces,  she was closely inspecting them!  Undaunted, I greeted her and then started in on the usual explanation of my work. I peel the dried paint from the palette and transform it into jewelry. After a moment of listening, she said, “I can tell they’re made from paint, because I make paint.”       At first I wasn’t sure I had heard her correctly. Up to now, I had never met anyone who makes paint!  But then she introduced herself to me: she was Barbara Golden. Okay, Barbara Golden of Golden Paints?!?! OMG! I had a celebrity in my booth, at least a celebrity in my world! I mean, Golden Paints was only the biggest name in professional artist acrylics! 
    I was thrilled to meet her and get unsolicited feedback from her regarding my …

Parts of Parts of Art Workshop!!

In this lively workshop we will focus on designing and producing the components of mixed media art jewelry. By the end of the session, guests will be able to take home pieces of wearable art of their own design. 
Parts of Parts of Art include handmade textured paper, acrylic paint skins, canvas remnants, polymer clay beads, paper beads, and various painted and textured surfaces. All tools and materials will be provided to guests. Snacks, coffee and cold drinks will also be available. 

I made this for you before we met

So it happened again at my last show.

      I had started working on a new concept involving copper wire, tissue paper and resin. The idea stemmed from a book called Resin Alchemy by Susan Lenart Kazmer.

     From these materials I formed a cuff bracelet and earrings. I loved the look and feel of the copper and paper, and the balance of frailty and strength. Thing is, it wasn’t really working as a bracelet. I put it aside thinking I would get back to it. Got busy with other pieces and projects. Picked up the bracelet a few times, but nothing stirred. 
     Fast forward three months. I had decided to design a series of four statement necklaces, all utilizing the same materials and techniques. That’s when the epiphany happened. That piece didn’t want to be a bracelet, it wanted to be a necklace! So, the altering, tweaking and embellishing began, and by the end of the day, a frail yet strong neck piece of whirling autumn leaves was complete. 

So now what?

       When at work in the studio, th…

The Most Unlikely Places

I had taken a one year break from doing shows, and was ready to re-enter the arena. Living at the time in northern Florida, the intent was to find juried art shows within a 200 mile radius. This one looked promising, and was within 2 hours of home. I filled out the paperwork, got accepted, and packed my van.

   The day before the show I was talking to a friend who, as it turns out, is from that very town. He proceeded to tell me in a very colorful way that nothing good ever happens there, and that it’s the most unlikely place to have an art show. They were not very encouraging words, and they definitely put a damper on my mental state. But hey, I’d already gotten accepted in the show and reserved my hotel. Hell, my van was already packed! I was going. 

     Upon arrival it was a warm Spring day and the venue was a well manicured park on a lake. It was indeed a beautiful setting, and the feeling was positive about being in this show. After all, I had spent the last year researching sh…

Spring Show Schedule

I am excited to announce that Parts of Art will be showing at:

Palmer Park Art Fair Detroit MI June 2 & 3
Talbot Street Art Fair Indianapolis IN June 16 & 17

Please come and see my latest pieces at one of these fine shows.  When you come, mention my blog and you will receive 20% off your purchase.  See you there!

I bet you’re smiling!

I take it as a great compliment when someone comments that my jewelry is fun! I mean, to me that’s the point! Our jewelry not only pulls together our look,  it expresses something about us.  It can be an outward expression of what’s inside us. So, if what’s inside is fun, then so should the jewelry! I bet you’re smiling!

 In honor of jewelry being fun, I am showing some fun options for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! 

By the way, these and other fun pieces are           available here. 


The Very Idea!

One day at an art show a man came rushing up to my booth. He had heard that I make jewelry pieces from the dried paint from artists palettes, and he just had to see it for himself.
    "Oh my God, this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!" He exclaimed, picking up one of the necklaces and inspecting it.  “Please tell me you have a patent on this?!”

       Well no, I didn't have a patent on it, I explained. He gave me an incredulous look and said " Well that is the first thing you should do! I would hate for someone to steal your idea!”

That’s when the dreaded internal dialogue began. You know the ones, those pesky inner voices that say  “What were you thinking, putting your idea out there for someone to steal? Are you that dumb? How can you be so naive? You better quit now before someone steals it from you.”

      The next morning I was on the phone with a very helpful patent attorney, who helped me realize the truth of the matter. Turns out I can't really…

Wearable Words and Pictures Workshop

What: In this fun and inspiring workshop we will use a variety of collage materials to create a one of a kind art jewelry piece. Materials include printed words and phrases, acrylic paint films, bits of canvas, strips of leather, various handmade papers, and beads made from paper. I will demonstrate ways to combine words and pictures to tell a story both personal and wearable, then put it all together with various beads and findings.
No previous jewelry making experience is required
All materials are supplied
Snacks, coffee and drinks are available 
Where: The workshop will take place in my inspiring and peaceful country art studio
When: Saturday, Feb 24, from 10 - 12AM
To register for Wearable Words and Pictures go here

What Do You Expect?

Years ago when I was new to the art show circuit,  there was a local arts and crafts show in which I participated.  All set up and waiting for the inevitable crowds of customers to come,  I started conversing with my neighboring artist.

    “You really should do this one show I just did last month,” she said,  “Your work is great and you would probably sell out!”

       Now that I’m a seasoned vet of art shows, there are certain phrases that make me run as fast as I can in the opposite direction.  “You will probably sell out” is one of them. I mean, how do they know that I would probably sell out, and why would I even want to sell out?  That day, however,  the words of that well-meaning woman caught my interest.

       "You have to set up the night before, because people will come out early to shop." she said. "There is not much for people to do in this area, so people really look forward to the show.  I’m not kidding you, women come out to shop, with wheelbarrow…