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Welcome to my work space

I think it is wise of art and craft show promoters to request a photo of the art in progress. After all, the art is supposed to be made by the artist, not pulled out of a box labeled "made in China", and a pretty sure way to tell if the artist really made the art is a photo. It's also very telling of how organized or unorganized an artist is at the work space to see a snapshot of the work in progress.
That being said, welcome to my work table!
Each week I work with one color combination, such as black, gold and white, as was the chosen palette last week. This allows me to make several pieces that are similar but not identical. It's kind of an organized chaos in a small space, but it works for me. I usually make several pairs of earrings, one or two necklaces, and a bracelet in that color palette. I piece them together and by Friday morning usually have a fresh crop of Parts of Art. I choose a few representative pieces for my Etsy store, and add them a…