Tuesday, November 3, 2009

so this is where the jewelry gets it's start

Many years ago I had a little store, about the size of a large walk in closet. In this store I sold hand painted clothing and art. I hand painted the clothing using acrylic paint. This type of paint is wonderful, bright and colorfast, BUT it dries quickly and once it does, it cannot be mixed back into paint. Ever. So, it dries on the palette and starts to layer. Occasionally I would peel the dried paint off the pallette and start afresh.
One day I had just cleaned off my palette and had this glorious mess of schlokked paint that just beckoned to be upcycled into something. Right then, in walked two dear friends of mine, my minister and his wife. I held up the paint and said, "This is too pretty to throw away, but I don't know what to do with it. He said (Note: HE) "Well, you could always cut it up and make it into jewelry!" Oh, we got a good laugh out of it that day. Imagine, making paint into jewelry! But later I thought, wow, that idea could've been from God! I should do it. I cut the palette up into interesting pieces, glued earring backs on them, and launched my new line.
Now, 21 years and a lot of dried paint later, I am still making one of a kind jewelry pieces from dried acrylic paint. The pieces have evolved and I collage them with all kinds of other stuff, but I haven't lost the thrill of seeing paint become wearable art.

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