Saturday, August 14, 2010

Natural Beauty

In my on going adventure of finding beads I acquired a beautiful conglomerate of what I think is jasper. Not being an expert on gems, I am simply attracted to the colors and textures of stones and love the process of combining them with parts of art. This piece lived in my jewelry bead box for at least a year, waiting its turn for how it would be used. Then along came some beautiful double drilled jasper squares with hues of olive and sepia. I then found a delicious slice of acrylic paint with visual layers of spotted and marbled tans, dark chocolate brown, and pastel baby blue. It all came together with some gray pearl and clay beads.

It made its debut on my Etsy store as the Natural Beauty necklace. It sat for four months, waiting patiently for its owner to find it. But no one came forward to call Natural beauty their favorite. When it came time to renew its time on Etsy, I pulled it out to re- photo it. Then it sat on my work table for a few days in the bundle of life that surrounds my art studio.

That week happened to be my birthday, and my very special and wonderful sister had arranged to come up from Sarasota to take me out for lunch. My sister is one of my biggest jewelry fans, and yes, she wears it well. So she came in to my studio that morning, and her eyes went immediately to little old natural beauty. She exclaimed "That is exactly the piece I wanted to try on today!" So here is my sister, modeling her newest acquisition. She is a natural beauty and I am happy that, even though I didn't know it at the time, I made it just for her.

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