Friday, January 16, 2015

Welcome to our studio

Last October I shared how our art studio was going through some renovations. 
Okay, renovation is putting it lightly. Half of our studio was missing a floor and it was a large mud hole for weeks. My husband did most of the work itself, between work projects. I was pretty concerned about whether we would have it done before winter. Especially because our sole source of heat is a woodstove and there was no floor to put under the stove and therefore no heat. 

You can see the "before pictures" here. 

We finally opened and enjoyed our first bottle of wine in front of the wood stove in our new and improved country art studio on a cold night in mid December. 


                     In the mornings the studio has wonderful light. 

David has recently decided to return to his passion of leatherwork, and he acquired two beautiful stitching machines which we now have in the studio. 

We also have room to paint and have an easel set up in a wonderful sunlit spot.

Our studio is home to our two cats, Bella and Billie. Can't imagine having the studio without our resident studio cats.

So this is David's side of the studio. 

And this is my side- the home of Parts of Art.

So this is where to find us. 
When everyone else is hibernating or whatever they do in the winter, 
we will be in our art studio making art.

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