Friday, July 17, 2015

Ten things I love about living in the country

   Here they are, in honor of David Letterman (who, like me, graduated from nearby Ball State University): the top ten reasons I love living in the country. 

10. I love the eggs that our neighbor brings from her chickens. I open the carton and the eggs range in color from brown to light green to creamy white. And unlike the ones from the store, they usually have specks of grass on them! Now that's legit! 
And the taste- oh so full of flavor. 

9. I love my drive to work. I use to live on the north side of Orlando and drove across town to go to work. It took over an hour and traffic was nuts. Now the only traffic jam I get in is if I'm behind a tractor on the road. 

8.  I love the view out my kitchen window. Recently my husband removed the old fashioned shutters that have been on the kitchen window for at least the last 40 years. The view that had been covered up for all those years is breathtaking. The shutters will not be going back up. 

6. I love that we have on our property a log cabin. No plumbing or electricity, just a one room cabin in the woods. Can't see it from the street. Perfect little getaway. This year we made into a guest room.


5. I love watching our cats be their feline selves. They hunt, roam, frolic, preen, eat and repeat. Sometimes they even model for photo ops. Never a dull day for cats. 

4. I love how the trees and fields are alive with lightening bugs on summer nights.

3. I love not being in a neighborhood association and getting a warning in the mail if our trash can is visible from the road (it's not) 

2. I love how our address is coordinates on a grid, instead of a president's name or a tree. 

1. And the number one reason I love living in the country: 
Our country art studio: Wallker Art Dept!!

Our plan for Walker Art Dept is to enlarge our studio space to include living areas and a classroom. We are eventually going to offer workshops and classes here. We want to offer weekend packages for people who wish to come to the country for a weekend of good food, wine and art making.  

Want to come? 

I would love to read your thoughts,  but I can't unless you share them with me! 

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