Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

    This week my husband, daughter and I took a road trip to Chicago. It just so happened that our day of travel was the same day as a devastating storm came through the Chicago area! It was a normal December cold when we started north, but as we drove we noticed the trees were more and more getting covered with frosty ice. It would have been a glistening wonderland had it been sunny. Our daughter, visiting from Orlando Florida, was delighted to see snow and frost. At the time she was making plans to come here, the weather was unseasonably warm and there was no hint of snow or ice. 

        We became concerned with the possibility of getting stranded in Chicago. According to what we discovered on our smart phones, hundreds of flights in the Chicago area had gotten cancelled or postponed, and traffic was gridlocked in the city. We pulled off the road at about the halfway point and discussed whether we should turn around and go home. Once we decided to "proceed to the route", as Siri would say, it became a great adventure. 

Actually, the worst of the storm had passed through by the time we arrived. We spent a delightful afternoon in the Adler Planetarium.  This is what we saw when we looked out at Lake Michigan from the planetarium coffee shop.


Funny, when we got back home late Tuesday night, we saw that the front page of US News had a similar picture of breaking waves from the Shedd Auditorium, which is right next to the Adler.
For us, it turned out to be the perfect time to be in Chicago. Cold, cloudy, and windy with piles of slush on the curbs. Tons of people everywhere, bundled up and happy. Wouldn't want it any other way. 

One of the best moments for me was opening the curtain in our 6th floor historic hotel room and seeing this. Since I'm all about harmonious blends and other musings, I thought is was the perfect view. 

The coming year for me will be one of finding new harmonious blends in my art as well as my life. I look forward to the great adventure of a new year with anticipation and excitement!

Happy New Year!

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