Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Another perfect match

       It was a summer art show in southern Indiana. We were set up in an open field in a park on a very hot muggy weekend. There was not a great turn-out of visitors, and those that did come were just too damn hot to try on jewelry. The artists in the booths next to me and across from me were grumbling, as artists tend to do when it’s not the perfect show. I spent my time drinking large quantities of water, cooling myself with cold washcloths, and doing my best to not give in to the negative vibe around me.

      And then along came this wonderful lady, all sunshine and smiles. She took a real interest in my jewelry and wanted to see everything I had in her color choices. She seemed oblivious to the heat. For the next 30 minutes or so she tried on and oohed and ahhed over several pieces, ultimately deciding on a bracelet and two pairs of earrings. 

      Once again, it was as though I had made the pieces just for her before we met! 

       In my studio, I squirrel away for hours on jewelry pieces that originate from dried acrylic paint and are embellished with leather, canvas, beads, and whatever else happens to be in the studio that lends itself to the work at hand. Sometimes, once I come up for air and look at what I have made, I think, “My God! What was I thinking? Who would want THAT thing?!?!” But then, lo and behold, I put it out there at a show, and then here she comes. LOVES it, HAS to have it in her life, can afford it,  and it fits perfectly! Like I said, I made it for her before we met! 

It is so gratifying to me when this happens. It inspires me to keep on doing what I do. It also reminds me not to second guess my process or my inspiration, but just keep producing my art and putting it out there. 

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