Sunday, February 2, 2014

So what do you do?

      So what do you do when you are an artist and you find yourself away from your work, your home, your husband, your cats and your art studio for several weeks because you are called upon to care for a loved one who is recovering from surgery? When you are not making money or going to work, but being a caregiver for someone you dearly love, someone who is not in a dire life and death state, but who needs you all the same.

5 things to do while care - giving

1. Be the best caregiver you can be. Everything else can and will wait. Being the best means getting enough calories, sleep, and exercise so you can give of yourself. And lots of coffee. 

2. Re-discover blogging. Need ideas? 
Here's enough to keep you blogging til the cows come home:

3. Spend time drawing every day. Drawing could be doodling while on the phone, doing quick sketches for that collage you've always wanted to do, or simply recording what you see in your daily life. Who cares what it is, just draw!

For a great example of an artist that spends time daily with her sketchbook, visit

4. Plan. Could be a financial plan, vacation plan, or a calendar of juried art shows you plan to attend. Write it down. There is something powerful about committing your plan to paper. 

5. Replace old stale thought patterns with fresh, new and sparkling ones. Where, you may ask, do I find such thoughts? Why, the fountain of truth, of course! 

Here's where to find new sparkling thoughts

Remember: You are giving and this is a temporary situation. You will look back at this and thank God that you could be there and not lose your mind in the process. 

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